LinkStrength Package for BNT

By Imme Ebert-Uphoff

The LinkStrength package is an
extension for Matlab's Bayes Net Toolbox BNT:
The LinkStrength package provides functions to calculate and visualize entropy, connection strengths and link strengths for discrete Bayesian Networks.  The package is implemented in MATLAB's Bayes Net Toolbox (BNT).

The following measures are implemented:
Several output routines allow the user to print the resulting values to the screen in a formatted way.

The visualization component uses a Graphviz interface to generate a picture of the graph, employing gray scales of links and nodes to indicate link strengths and connections strengths (in addition to printing the corresponding numbers underneath the links and node names).


Download of Version 0.3  (last updated Feb 3, 2007):

Changes from Version 0.1:  Fixed a bug for drawing dashed lines in function AUX_graph_write_arcs.m.  Thanks to Chris Needham for reporting the bug fix.

Changes from Version 0.2:  Explicit handling of a degenerated case in calc_link_strength.m to avoid "Division by zero" warnings.

For installation instructions, see documentation or the README file in the directory.

Select either option below to download the Matlab files:

I would love to get feedback from users.  Is this package useful?  Would you like to see other measures implemented?  Found a bug?
PLEASE drop me an e-mail with any comments you may have!

Imme Ebert-Uphoff

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